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The Murakami Pilgrimage is a comprehensive Japan travel guide to the locations featured in Haruki Murakami’s novels! Put yourself into your favorite characters’ shoes as you explore Tokyo, Hokkaido, Shikoku and more.

Learn all about the areas and landmarks from each novel as well as how to get there.

The Murakami Pilgrimage contains. . .

  • Guides to the real-life locations of every one of Haruki Murakami’s novels
  • Detailed day trip itineraries and transportation information
  • Interactive custom maps for each section
  • Insider tips from a long-term Japan resident on what to do and see around each area
  • Tips on the best places to stay in each region
  • Colorful photographs provided for all locations
  • An additional in-depth location reference guide for all of Murakami’s novels and short stories
  • Carefully placed spoiler warnings

Special eBook Edition Features. . .

  • All the original content and photos from the 230 page physical book, rebuilt from the ground up for digital devices
  • Fully reflowable content that automatically adjusts to desktop, tablet and mobile screens
  • Custom Google Maps made for each itinerary so you can easily navigate your way around Japan
  • Comments sections for those on their pilgrimage to exchange advice or share experiences 
  • A ‘living book’ that will automatically receive future updates at no extra cost
  • No downloads or installations necessary

Paperback Version: $39.99

EBook Version: $14.99

Tablet view in action

The Murakami Pilgrimage: eBook Edition


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This guide book features many real-life locations mentioned in the fictional works of Haruki Murakami. This book is unofficial and is not authorized, licensed or endorsed by the original books’ author or publishers. 

This guide book is meant only to supplement and not to be a substitute for reading any of the works of the original author. It is strongly recommended that you purchase and read the original works of fiction before using this guide book.

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